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Namaste & Crochet is a line of crochet fashion & handmade goods that Dominique has created along with our cousin, Sophia Kennelly. Dominique has traveled the world in order to use her knowledge to empower women who are survivors of human sex trafficking. By learning a trade such as cosmetology or crochet, women who have been trapped in a life of prostitution can sustain a living. Dominique hopes to use Namaste & Crochet as a tool to empower women all over the world.

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Emma is a frequent visitor of Los Angeles’s Skid Row, a concentrated area in downtown LA where thousands of homeless are ushered to live on the streets. Emma has always had a strong passion to build relationships with the community, often facilitating a food line on Sunday mornings where hundreds can come have a free meal.

She knows many of the skid row residents by name, and shares the life stories they tell at @skidrowstories. By continuing to build trust, there is potential to provide more aid to those that seek permanent shelter and housing. Emma hopes to continue in her relationships in order to provide more substantial aid such as food & shelter in the future. Ultimately, her mission is to bring love to every interaction, however great or small.




Angelique is the creator and editor of a body positive blog called The Body Journal. Multiple bloggers write in about their self-image and how they’ve overcome a spectrum of insecurity issues. Every topic is discussed from bulimia to the epidemic of sex-trafficking; a father’s abandonment, or what it’s like to date as a plus sized woman.

The mission statement reads: “Ordinary people being extraordinarily raw and vulnerable about their insecurities. Read up. You’ll realize you’re not alone.”

Angelique’s hope is to offer her writers the opportunity to heal from their experiences through the therapy of journaling, while comforting her readers who relate to the stories being told. Read up!